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Randi-Kay Anthony |

Owner + Instructor

Randi-Kay Anthony, a Michigan Native, is known as one of the most innovative Lyrical, Jazz/Contemporary, choreographers in the industry having moved to Chicago at an early age to pursue dance. She became a member of dance groups such as Phormations and Prevail who were prominent in the dance scene in Chicago at the time. Randi-Kay also trained in Los Angeles and New York City on convention scholarships, and was notably featured as a finalist on one of MTV's first internationally televised dance competitions, "The Wade Robson Project." She has also been featured in many choreography reels and studied under choreographers such as Brian Thomas (BT), Suave, Mia Michaels, Mandy Moore, and Gerard Heintz.

As the Owner at Fusion Dance Center in Holt, Michigan, Randi-Kay currently guest choreographs and teaches workshops and master classes around the country and has been on faculty for different conventions such as "danceSTATIC" and "Just Dance." Randi-Kay's award winning choreography and dancers have been featured in some of Chicago's biggest shows and festivals such as Dance Chicago and L.I.F.E, to name a few. Alongside owning and guest teaching, Randi-Kay is on Faculty for Michigan State University as the Jazz instructor for the Department of Theater. She has also been featured as a Maggie Allesee Choreography Competition Finalist, as well as winning several National Choreography Awards.

Randi-Kay Anthony's unique choreography and teaching style, along with her infectious personality and energy makes her undoubtedly a sought after commodity in the dance industry today.


Makynzie Arens | Instructor


Taryn Berkal | Instructor

Taryn Berkal has been dancing for 17 years; she began her training at the age of 4 at Linda's Dance Works in the Metro Detroit area. While there, she grew up competing with their company team, and was a teachers assistant for 3 years. She has trained in all styles of dance, including ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, contemporary, and hip hop. Currently, Taryn is studying Child Development and Special Education at Michigan State University. Along with that, she is the Vice President for MSU's Dance Club. She is looking forward to sharing her enthusiasm and knowledge with everyone at Fusion Dance Center.


Skylar Doxey | Instructor

Skylar Doxey, a Michigan native started her prevalent dance training at age 4, focusing on the styles of Contemporary, Jazz, Ballet, Lyrical, and Hip Hop. While being a dancer with Steps Dance Company in Portage, Michigan, she has had the privilege to train under top choreographers in the industry. With her natural sense of leadership and unique conceptual choreography, Skylar spent her early years of high school as an in house teacher at Steps Dance Center as well as assisting. Skylar has also had the opportunity to assist highly sought after choreographers including, but not limited to: Amanda Anderson, Tokyo, Melissa Barlow, Eddie Mena, and Alvin Ramirez. Where she has traveled the country, assisting at countless in studio intensives. Skylar has been instructing in the Lansing area for the past 3 years now and is very excited to continue at Fusion Dance Center. Skylar's versatile background and exuberant passion to be in a leadership role truly adds to her talents as a dance teacher and choreographer. Skylar is happy to share her knowledge and love for dance with the kids at FDC!


Babe Dyer | Instructor

Babe Dyer began her dance career at the age of three in Eaton Rapids, MI. Under the instruction of Marceil Warren and Brenda Hampton, Babe studied ballet, tap, and jazz through her senior year of high school and later added lyrical, contemporary, and hip hop. Additionally, she trained in gymnastics until the age of 12 at Michigan State University’s youth gymnastics program. As a student, she competed in regional competitions, had the opportunity to showcase her talents in many local performances, and was a dance assistant at her studio in her teen years.

Upon graduating high school, Babe chose to further her dance education at Lansing Community College. While at LCC she trained in ballet, tap, Jazz, and modern while supplementing her technique classes with courses in anatomy and dance history. Babe also attended numerous dance conventions and took master classes with many instructors.

After a brief period away from the dance world, Babe returned to classes in 2001 and has been a dance instructor since 2006. Though she has taught at several studios in the area, Babe is thrilled to be teaching at her home studio, Fusion Dance Center, and getting to know her Fusion Dance Family even better this year! When she’s not dancing, Babe enjoys watching sports, auto racing, traveling, and spending time with her husband Brent and their three children – Skyler, Brody, and Breann.


Harley Moore | Instructor

Harley started her dance career at the age of 3 at Bauer Dance Studio with Nancy Bauer. At the age of 11 she started training under Randi-Kay Anthony and competing in Dance Fusion’s competitive program. She’s expanded her training to include Broadway Dance Center, Suave of HipHop Connexions, Billy Bell, JUMP, and NUVO conventions. Training in contemporary, lyrical, jazz, tap, ballet, and hip-hop she is best known for her innovative movement and choreography. Her goal while choreographing is to bring rhythm, beats, and lyrics in the music to life. Since starting in 2014, Harley has earned Special Judges Award: Kaylee Millis “impavido” award, Special Judges Award: Dare to be Different award, and scored Top Ten at local and national competitions for pieces performed by Fusion Dance Center students. Harley is in her fifth year of teaching at Fusion Dance Center and she can’t wait to share her passion for teaching and self expression.


Mick Preston | Instructor

Mick Preston is a recent graduate from Central Michigan University with a bachelor’s degree in exercise science and kinesiology. Mick worked with Mobile Medical Response as a licensed EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) for 2 years and gained valuable experience in dealing with the human body. Currently Mick works as a lead technician at Hope Network specializing in neurologic and physical rehabilitation. Working very closely with doctors and clinicians (physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech pathologists etc.), Mick is comfortable with adjusting treatment plans and exercise routines according to his patient’s needs and limitations. Mick is thrilled to bring his expertise to Fusion Dance Center as Imagery's strength and conditioning coach, as well as working with the recital track kids. His main goal in the strength and conditioning classes is to give our dancers a well-rounded education in safe and effective exercise.


Elisha Savage | Instructor

Dancing since the age of 3, Elisha has trained in all forms and styles of dance including ballet, jazz, tap, lyrical, modern and hip hop. After graduating high school, teaching and choreographing quickly became her one love. Focusing primarily in the genre of tap and hip hop, she has choreographed several pieces placing in the Top Ten, with many of those numbers winning Overall Titles & Judge’s Choice Awards, at competitions all across Mid-Michigan such as Kid’s Artistic Revue, Masquerade, V.I.P., Onstage New York, and many more. Elisha is currently attending Lansing Community College studying under a General Associates Degree while teaching dance as much as she can.


Larissa Swisk | Instructor + Communications Manager

Larissa Marie Swisk is a veteran of Fusion Dance Center. Spending her entire career training under the direction of Randi-Kay Anthony. Larissa began her career as a recreational dancer, until she was emotionally moved watching a Lyrical piece of Choreography. Seeing the company compete and the satisfaction of the performance they had, she decided to make the move from a recreational path of dance into a competitive, pre-professional training track. Larissa is a graduate of Waverly High School, and is currently pursuing every opportunity and avenue she can with Dance to continue her Education as a teacher and Choreographer.

Larissa has taken home several awards from her time spent in Imagery. Her biggest accomplishment was taking home first place over all at Encore Nationals for her solo Harrowing August, choreographed by Randi-Kay Anthony. Along with her solo, she was awarded the most coveted scholarship- The Broadway Dance Center Scholarship in New York City. Being awarded this scholarship allows her to further her training in NYC while Encore sponsors her for training.

Larissa's teaching style is concentrated on a Ballet foundation while experimenting with movement outside of the box. Exploring space, time and direction out of the ordinary movement. She thrives on seeing kids excel in areas where they doubt themselves. She is trained in all genres with Ballet being her strongest with Contemporary. She will be working with Fusion Dance Center's recital track and the pre-professional company, Imagery. Larissa is thrilled to be a part of the family at FDC, and to continue growing herself as a teacher, mentor, and Choreographer.

Larissa's training includes: Several Dance Conventions & Masterclass with the following Choreographers & Conventions; JUMP, NUVO, Titans of Dance, Billy Bell, Mia Michaels, Nick Lazzarini, Kate Harpootlian, Jaimie Goodwin, Channing Cook, The Summit Dance Teachers Convention, Broadway Dance Center, etc.


Alexis Weber | Instructor

Alexis Weber has been dancing and tumbling since she was 4 years old. Alexis hails from the former director of Dance Fusion, and stayed with Randi-Kay Anthony through the transition of ownership. Which puts her being with the studio for 20 years!! Before becoming an instructor, Alexis trained and danced competitively under the direction Randi-Kay Anthony, and was an assistant in many classes throughout high school and thereafter. She has a very strong gymnastic background after training and competing with Red Cedar Gymnastics. Alexis has been teaching for Fusion Dance Center since 2012 and feels that the studio has become her second home. Alexis has a passion for teaching all kids and ages. Her choreography in Jazz and lyrical pieces have received high scores and special awards at many dance competitions across the state. Although she loves all genres of dance, acrobatics is her expertise. She prides herself on the development of the Acrobatic program at FDC, and is looking forward to growing the program even farther in the next few years.

Carole Anthony | Photographer

Aside from being the amazingly talented costume maker for Fusion Dance Center, Carole Anthony is also our dedicated studio photographer. She specializes in dance, senior, family, and wedding photography with dance being her favorite. Carole began doing wedding and portrait photography about 35 years ago and dance photography about 30 years ago. She has studied at various workshops and conventions and even won photographer of the month at Professional Photo Lab. Carole was a photographer for CBT for about 15-18 years, was the sports photographer at Lansing Christian School for 18 years, and also shot photos throughout the years for recreational sports teams. She is thrilled to be able to capture the beauty and talent of all our dancers.