1. No gum during class.

  2. No food or drink in studios. Water bottles are okay.

  3. Appropriate dance attire must be worn to class.

  4. Students not conducting themselves appropriately in class and/or disrupting other students will be asked to it out for a few minutes. If problems persist, we will contact parents to determine if further measures are necessary.

  5. Students must be prompt to all classes. If the students misses warm up, they may be asked to observe only.

  6. Young students need to be accompanied by an adult between the parking area and waiting room.

  7. No street shoes on the dance floors. "Clean" sneakers for hip hop only.

  8. Please be courteous and neat in all waiting areas.

  9. No cell phones in the classrooms.

  10. No body jewelry.

These rules are for the safety of all students, as well as to provide each student with quality class time.


Each family has a folder in the file cabinet in the reception area. All notes, statements, calendars and other materials will be placed here. Please check them weekly! Master copies of new notes will be posted on the bulletin board in the reception area.


There is a curtained window in the door to each studio through with parents can observe their student in class. The curtain is in place to keep the students from being distracted by the observer. Please be courteous and allow everyone a change to view during the class period.


Students have the opportunity to demonstrate the skills they have learned during the year through participation in the spring recital.


Students will purchase one recital costume per class. Cost estimates for this season are $50-$70.

These costs do not include tights, dance shoes or other accessories.

Costume payments are due by December 10th. In order to receive costumes in a timely fashion and at a reasonable price, they must be ordered early. After December 8th, a late fee of $5.00 per costume will be added, in addition to extra shipping charges incurred for placing separate orders.


Our protocol is to follow the Holt school district. We account for two snow days per class during the year (ex. 2 snow days on a Thursday occur), if a third snow day occurs on that same day we make up the classes when there is a time available for the teachers. The teacher will notify the class by giving a handout to the class. If payment for those missed classes are a concern, your child may attend another class of their choice in their age group.